What to See and Do In Switzerland

Switzerland is a country located in South-Central Europe. It is bordered by France, Italy, Austria, and Liechtenstein. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is often on the bucket list of many tourists.

Switzerland has a population of around 8.7 million people. Its capital city is Bern.

The main languages spoken are Italian, German, French, and Rumantsch.

The country is the third happiest in the world after Finland and Denmark according to the World Happiness Report 2021.

The country has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Switzerland is among the most expensive countries to live in and tour.

The country is famous for its idyllic landscapes with a multitude of snow-capped mountains, numerous mountain lakes, melting glaciers, and endless green fields. The country is among the safest in the world.

Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

What to Wear and What to Pack

If you are traveling to Switzerland during the winter, you will need to pack warm clothes. If you plan on hiking, it is advisable to pack your own hiking gear.

When to Visit

Switzerland is amazing during the winter and the summer. The best months to visit are from April to June and from September to October.

The high season start from July to August. During the high season, it is very crowded and prices are significantly higher.

The ski season runs from December to March.


Swiss cuisine is strongly influenced by Italian, German and French cuisines. If you are on a budget, you might consider cooking for yourself. You can keep the costs of food down by buying your own groceries.

Swiss chocolate is delicious and you should buy some from local shops.

The country is among those with the cleanest water in the world. You can drink it straight from a tap.


The Swiss Travel Pass provides an easy way to get around and it includes unlimited travel on railways to cable cars. You will also get a fifty percent discount on many mountain cable cars and railways. Additionally, it provides free entrance to around 500 museums and exhibitions.


Finding accommodation if you are on a budget or backpacking is a daunting task. Switzerland is very expensive and you can spend up to $100 a night for a basic hotel room.

Hostel dorm rooms generally start at 45-60 Swiss Francs per night, a basic hotel room in a city like Lucerne is about 100 Swiss Francs.

Things to do in Switzerland

Workout in outdoor forest gyms

Switzerland has fascinating outdoor gyms hidden in the forests. Locals work out in these little hidden gyms. They are a great way to get in shape while enjoying the outdoors.

Try a Via Ferrata

A Via Ferrata is a series of steps, ladders, and rock climbing that leads up to a wall. You wear a harness and a clip that is attached to a strong wire. You move around 10 steps before reaching a new section of the wire. You unhook one Caribiner clip from the old part of the line and attach it to the new part of the line.

Hike Mt. Pilatus

Mt. Pilatus is located on the outskirts of Lucerne. It is a stunning mountain with a gorgeous view of the Alps. You can hike the trails to the top or take a gondola.

Explore Geneva

Geneva is the third-largest city in Switzerland. It is one of the main UN headquarters. There are around 40 museums to explore in the city.

Ride the Jungfraujoch Railway

The Jungfraujoch Railway has the highest train station on the continent. It began operations in 1896 and stretches 9 kilometers. It offers stunning views.

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